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Cds for PhD thesis and projects

Very many Universities now request that the books to be deposited with a CD containing the electronic files of the Digital Doctoral Thesis. In contrast with the requirements of the hard cover, the CD requirement is specifically written down.

Now, if you order the impresion and binding of your doctora thesis with us, the duplication and personalization of the CDs are completely free of charge.

If you wish to be some examples of the CDs we have duplicated and personalized so far specifically for Doctoral Thesis.

We have the technology and know how to produce the cds: robotized recorders, and digital printing systems for the personalization of the CDs, avoiding the cd-branding logo. We also have glued plastic envelopes that can be used to hold properly the cds attached to the cover; they have flaps, so the CD do not drop even with the book tilting and because they are transparent, it can easily be seen through. The glue is stainless, so whenever the disc is removed, there is no glue-marks.

We can use holders, but they have none of the characteristics of the envelopes. We do not recomnend them.

This CD duplication is the same we to fo for Sound Studios and Music Labels

The following video show how we produce the cds, with no human dedication, so you get a professional finish.


Girl holding a doctoral thesis

Doctoral thesis covers

The cover is the first sight of your thesis...[more on doctoral thesis]

Free CDs

We also have a special offer with your Doctoral Thesis printing:CDs free of charge.The CDs are printed in high def professional quaity and packed in plastic envelopes with flaps and transparent glue, so they do not drop accidentalyi.