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Technology, methods and equipment for Doctoral Thesis printing

Since over 70 years, the standard for printing has been the offset, praised by many as unbeatable technology. But even though it has been the reference during all this time, eventually everything is improved with a new technology:

  1. A system that uses ink, like the offset. So your Doctoral Thesis are made the same way the books are done and NOT with Xerocopies
  2. We also use large sheets of paper, so both paper and printing are optimized. In aour sheets we fit 8 pages.
  3. Better than offset is the fact that prints both sides of the sheet at the same time, so it has been improved something that seemed imposible: a perfect registration with a tolerance of less than one micron (that is a millionth of a meter). This guarantees that all pages are printed in the exact same position. A xerocopier does have a resolution a thousand times higher.
  4. The printing speed s just spectacular: 15.000 pages per hour, which rivals web printing. Consequently we can say that this is a true digital web printer. That is why now we can produce your Doctoral Thesis within days, not weeks.

The following video shows the speed of our systems: each time a sheet of paper is fed, 8 pages are printed.


Girl holding a doctoral thesis

Doctoral thesis covers

The cover is the first sight of your thesis...[more on doctoral thesis]

Free CDs

We also have a special offer with your Doctoral Thesis printing:CDs free of charge.The CDs are printed in high def professional quaity and packed in plastic envelopes with flaps and transparent glue, so they do not drop accidentalyi.