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PhD Thesis & Master Thesis & Projects Binding

Random sample of a PhD Thesis

0.— Foreword

The final stage on getting ready your PhD Thesis or Master Thesis is bind it into a book to get it ready for the dissertation. In this web we have advice on design and layout of PhD Thesis and Master Thesis, even design and layout of Thesis with with bleeding and design of PhD Thesis covers and also PhD Thesis CDs just in case they were necessary.

All the above steps are done in the computer in order to get the proper electronic files which will used to print the PhD Thesis so we are ready to bind.....

1.— PhD Thesis Binding

Technically the perfect binding is meant to put together a bunch of sheets and clamp them, produce a scoring on the edge of the stack, so the cellulose fibers are exposed, the pores open and then apply hot melt glue at 250º celsius, apply a pressure of 15 atm to push the glue into the pores and keep the stack together. The stack so made is a perfect bind book where it is easier to break a page than to tear off the stack.

This perfect binding is and industrial process commonly use in the modern publishing industry and is completely different to just glue which still is done in some craftsman workshops where the sheets are clamped and the cold white glue is applied with a brush.

The final result we get with perfect binding is similar to the old stitching, which is restricted to very large sheets of paper that has to be folded in order to stitch them together. Some PhD students had been cheated with glued thesis with a visible yarn than does not do anything at all. Stitching only make sense on folded very large sheets of paper.

The modern perfect binding has been called chemical stitching because the results are as stable as the classical stitching and can be used on printed matter obtained in modern digital printing systems. This can be seen on vieo n. 2 about in 4:51 onwards and it is quite evident.

In the following video, it is shown how the PhD thesis are perfect bind where it is evident that this is not a craftsman table where to clamp and brush glue.

2.—PhD Thesis Hard covered vs soft covered.

To perfect bind a PhD Thesis it is necessary to use a soft cover to produce the book. So the standard PhD thesis soft cover is always needed and so is always included. The hard cover is an extra that has to be added after the soft covered perfect bind

The following video shows what our PhD Thesis hard covers are as well as the difference between hard and soft cover. This is on min 3:55 onwards. Almost to the end, on min 4:51 it si shown how strong the perfect bind is.

3.— Lamination and trimming of PhD Thesis

In the following video it is shown how the trimming of the PhD is as the final touch to get a fine perfect book, with even sides. To avoid wrinkles on the spine of the PhD Thesis, the books has to be trim one by one.

In the following video it is shown how the PhD thesis covers lamination is. This process is much more than a fine final touch: it is to protect the books and and make it long lasting.

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