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Technology for PhD Thesis binding

The perfect binding is the process by which a bunch of sheet is clamped about 10 mm from the spine edge, use a scorer in order to free the cellulose fibers as well as open the paper pores and then apply hot melt glue a 250º celsius and press it at 15 atm so glue gets into the pores and binds the fibres to produce a solid spine block. It is easier to break a sheet than to tear it off the so made book spine.

All our PhD thesis are laminated, properly protected by a 6 micron layer which makes them resistant to the use and time. Our thesis are never engraved on top of a generic material with gold or silver-toned ink, because this process avoids the lamination, and consequently, its protection.

The following video show how make the PhD Thesis binding and as can be seen, it is far apart from what craftsman workshops do: clamp and apply cold glue with a brush.

The following video shows how it is done de final trimming of the PhD Thesis books so all the edges a perfectly even.This has to be done, as can be seen, one by one, so the spine is not wrinkled and so final books is just perfect.

In te following video it is shown how the lamination of the PhD Thesis covers is done.

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